Managing the Dreaded Traffic Situations in Large Cities

Heavy traffic is one of the most frustrating situations of city life. The traffic goes from bumper to the next and continues to clog roads and causes pollution. Regardless of where you live, traffic situations are turning into a nightmare of sorts. A mere 20km drive can take anywhere between 3 and 4 hours which is almost the same time it takes to walk the same distance.

The fact that urbanization is increasing tremendously in turn increases the number of vehicles plying on the roads. The increase of vehicles is many times faster than new roads being constructed or old roads being rehabilitated. This can actually affect the road systems rapidly leading to deterioration. The congestion of vehicles is also due to absence of parking facilities.

However it is not the end of the tunnel yet. There is still scope if certain things are considered and worked upon, a few being.

    • It is vital to keep updating public transportation and the government needs to allot a certain budget to do this. They need to improve highways, build ring roads and also concentrate on maintaining on already existing ones.
    • There needs to be a constraint on the number of vehicles that can be owned by a single family. This is definitely possible as we have examples such as Singapore that already has this kind of constraint.
    • A fee can be introduced where people need to pay when wanting to drive into the city during peak hours.
    • Banning of heavy-duty vehicles into the city during peak hours.
    • By allotting particular days on which cars can be allowed into the city centers.
    • Making use of a strict computerized system to manage traffic lights and introducing a manageable system to make quick alerts when accidents happen.
    • A bus lane to be provided specifically for buses which change direction based on specific needs. The role of the citizens also vital. Individuals can use cycle as a mode of transportation for close by distances, which will help in reducing traffic as well as improve your health.
    • Making use of public transport for long distance travelling, instead of choosing to drive. The government needs to make arrangements such that the systems are always up to the mark.
    • Provision of public parking systems at equal distances.
    • Decision to ban people driving alone into the city at peak hours will help too.
  • Apart from all this it is the responsibility of an individual to be considerate and display courtesy towards fellow travelers. Patience also plays a very important role in helping minimize traffic.

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